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Beware the temptation to believe that those who are successful somehow possess an advantage you feel you can’t get: perhaps more talent, brains, support, contacts, money, or time.

Success in network marketing takes the courage to relentlessly pursue what you believe is possible, the audacity to believe it is possible for you, and the emotional fortitude to stick with it.

This Business is about Others

I’ve learned that this business is about others.

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When I was in undergrad, I recall sitting on the floor in drama class doing a fun exercise demonstrating increasing levels of self-disclosure.

The first question, “Tell us where you are from.”

We would each take a turn answering. As we continued the rounds, the questions got deeper.

The final question, “What is your greatest fear?”

I would say roughly 26 out of 30 students replied the same way… that they didn’t want to live an “ordinary life”—just be average with no impact…you know,

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Others Are Our Greatest Teachers, if We Let Them Be

Yesterday I was in conversation with a close friend when I said, out-of-the-blue, “I imagine that felt a little like someone spitting at you.” It was the first time, in a long time, that I remembered living that reality. As a teenager, my mom regularly spat at me. It was her way of accentuating her feelings of disgust, disappointment or rejection. I think I had blocked that memory.

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Behind every behavior is a person with:

a unique story,

a unique history,

a unique belief system,

a unique longing,

unique wounds,

unique thoughts,

a unique soul.

If we could embody what the world looks like from his/her perspective, the behavior makes perfect sense… And we possibly would behave the same way.

I went to a workshop recently and was blown away at the number of people who shared that deep down inside they questioned their worth.

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A major section in my book is the subject of opening our hearts—living in connection. Relationships are such a huge part of the pleasure and wonder of life. And when things aren’t right, it can affect all other areas of life.

If you saw my video after Valentine’s day, I shared how my husband and I had experienced some major stress between us when I went on a working bing for a couple of weeks,

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That’s right. You heard me right. I don’t know the true originator of that concept, but when I adopted it with curiosity I experienced a transformation in myself and in my relationships.

I HAVE NEVER MET MYSELF. I discover new things about myself all the time, things change inside me in an instant when I have an insight or paradigm shift, and I can choose to reinvent myself in any given moment.

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I LOVE business, and specifically entrepreneurship.

I see entrepreneurship as:

A canvas on which to create a work of art… a medium for creative expression.

A platform for impacting lives and serving powerfully.

A direct and clear metric of feedback on how well you are serving measured in dollars.

A playground in which to play.

An opportunity to stretch beyond your comfort zone,

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“I forgive myself for judging myself as not good enough for my mother’s God.”

As soon as the words left my lips, tears poured down my face.

I remember vividly the day I got the call that my mother had passed. I had just purchased her a Mother’s Day card. I have since learned that when the inspiration for the expression of love hits me, I better go with it and express it all out in that moment.

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Want to create what feels like AN IRON-CLAD STRENGTH OF CONNECTION in a relationship? Eliminate unspoken expections and instead make agreements.

What beautiful, meaningful, sacred connection can be created in our relationships and friendships.

  • Agreeing to each take personal responsibility to speak what is necessary to feel “whole” in the relationship.
  • Agreeing, as the listener, to not hold it against the speaker as they are sharing openly, but instead create a safe place to be heard without judgment or accounting of hurts.

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