I share some very personal goals inside

I laid it all out. My heart was on the page.

Two and a half years ago, my coached asked me what business and personal goals did I have that if I accomplished would change EVERYTHING.

I look at this list today and there are some things that I can define even more precisely now that I’ve been working on them for a couple years. And it is remarkable how many of them still guide my actions today. Because the truth is, some of these goals had been there for over twenty years. And to me, they represent why I believe I am here.

Even though this feels very vulnerable to share all this so openly, I want to share them with you, and then I want to ask you what is in your heart to create.


Business Goals


A global, strategic thought leader that is part of a movement of raising up passionate, spiritual leaders in key arenas of influence.

Spending my time in conversations with leaders “strategizing” where and how we can make a difference. Challenging each other in how we can live all out and personally embody the change we want to see in the world.

Devoting my time giving my gifts into other leaders’ lives but also receiving from their gifts – iron sharpening iron.

Help set captives free with a life-giving message.


Create a xxx dollar business with a split of income going to charity, investments, and pays me a personal salary of $xxxK.

Well invested so that our money works for us creating wealth.


  • I want to accomplish that working 4 hours/day and summers off, except for my Destination Transformation events that I will host annually during one of our summer trips.
  • Spending 2 1/2 months during the summers in Brazil (or anywhere else we may choose to visit) every summer, creating a legacy of adventure and global perspective in our family.

What it looks like

  • Hosting Life-changing Live events annually.
  • Fostering a community of like-minded individuals who are inspirational and game changers who live with a sense of calling on their life and are willing to play BIG.
  • Publish life-changing books that transcend generational impact. “I’ll Have What She’s Having”series of books covering Being, Body + Beauty, Relationships, Career + Business. “Profit With Honor” book for the network marketing industry.
  • Create a team that feels part of a mission and loves working as a part of our organization.

Personal Goals

  • To be a woman who is radiant, inspiring, open-hearted and fully alive.
  • To feel so filled up with love that it comes out of my pores and I lavish others with it without conditions or expectations and without regard to their interpretation of me.
  • To be free to fully express myself and love others.
  • Fluent in Portuguese.
  • Craft my Latin dancing skills and do a live dance performance.
  • Daily having “me” time (working out, reading, writing, dancing, spiritual growth).
  • Have a thriving marriage that is fun, passionate, spiritual, great communication, and amazing sex.
  • A family legacy so real that my kids are raised with a sense of purpose that is multi-generational.
  • A very close relationship with my children where we play and snuggle together a lot.
  • Physically continue my body transformation to be a lean xx% body fat and fit.

I share those with you, firstly, because if you are in my community, you are probably an individual who feels a sense of purpose like I do, a bigger reason why you are here. You want to give your life to something that is more than just making money.

Secondly, I share this with you to stir within you perhaps some dreams that you’ve put on the back burner. Desires you’ve had that have been on your list for YEARS.

As I look back at what I’ve been able to create over the past 2 ½ years, it is absolutely humbling and thrilling. I am truly loving what I am creating and feel so empowered by the dreams that are still in my heart.

If there is a dream in your heart that feels really big, even IMPOSSIBLE and you would love some support to create the clarity, confidence, and passion to begin to make it a reality, I want to invite you to apply for a 45-minute complimentary FEARLESS sessionwith me. In this session, I want to help you get the breakthrough you need to begin taking steps to making your dreams a reality. Apply only if you KNOW the time is now, you’ve waited long enough and you are ready to start taking some action.

Lots of love and beijos,



Vanessa Horn, MBA Author, Speaker & Coach

P.S. I’d love to support you to get the clarity and confidence to begin making your most treasured desire a reality. I’m am only making space for a few spots on my calendar the week of May 12-16th, so I’m asking you to answer a few questionsso that I best serve you in our time together, if you’d like to take advantage of one of these limited sessions.

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