Work From Home Benefits

Is it possible to work part-time but make full-time income?

Is it possible to have the freedom and flexibility to do as you choose?

Yes, through the right home-based business opportunity!

A home business offers the following:

  1. No Boss– the freedom to do as you choose without reporting to someone else.
  2. No income ceiling–Delete that resume. You will never need it again. Finally earn what you are worth!
  3. Self-satisfaction– Get rewarded for your own efforts.
  4. Work with people you like–No difficult co-workers. No office politics.
  5. Flexibility–Work the hours and make time with family a priority. If your best working hours are in the middle of the night, you can make that work.
  6. No commuting–No more worry about gas prices. Work in the same room as your television, or at the dining room table close to the refrigerator… your choice.
  7. No huge overhead–like traditional businesses. Earn a profit sooner.
  8. Freedom–Rid yourself of the golden-handcuffs of working for someone else… especially if you are paid a decent salary. Most are afraid to walk away from that… but you may be tired of trading your life for money. There is a better way.
  9. Security–Companies come and go. Learn to employ yourself so you are always valuable to your organization.
  10. Tax deductions–deduct expenses you use every day like mobile phone, Internet access, computer expense, printer, paper, mileage, travel, education, etc. Tax expert Sanford Botkin says that a network marketing home business can result in tax savings of $3,000 to $9,000 per year.

By starting a network-marketing business in your spare time and keeping your regular job, you begin to gain the tax advantages of the rich.~ Robert Kiyosaki

Additional benefits of a network marketing business:

  1. Low start-up cost: You can probably get everything you need to start for $49- $800. Most businesses take thousands of dollars in start-up capital.
  2. Training at a minimal cost. Most organizations have a strong training program allowing you to learn either by computer, conference recordings or CDs. I am always leery of top leaders of organizations who sell their training materials as a second business. Some of the best in the industry share their “secrets” for free.
  3. No employees. In network marketing, each representative who is signed up is their own business owner. Unlike a traditional business where your employees rarely, if ever, care about the success of your business as much as you do.
  4. Keep your regular job. Many build network marketing businesses as a plan B, additional income stream, or until their “part-time” income is high enough to replace the income from their regular job. Work full-time on your job, and part-time on your fortunes!
  5. No expensive tools necessary. You need a phone. A computer is helpful. But your most critical tool is a strong desire and people skills. Bring the why, and we’ll teach you the how.
  6. Support of a sponsor/mentor. You are not alone when it comes to building your Network Marketing business. In case you need any help, there is always your sponsor whom you can get in touch. If your sponsor isn’t qualified enough, there is your sponsor’s sponsor, and so on. In other words, there is always some one experienced enough to guide you.
  7. And Finally, The 8th Wonder of the World: Exponential, Leveraged, Residual Income

Network Marketing vs. Franchise Ownership

My husband and I have evaluate several business opportunities over the last several years, as we have sought to earn enough money to cover our needs while having the flexibility for me to stay home, for us to be together as a family, and to pursue ministry opportunities without the stress of finances dictating our life.

Before we bought a fitness franchise, which was considered one of the lowest cost franchises at its time, we looked at some of the following: Starbucks, Fuddruckers, Krispy Creme, Subway, Chick-fil-A and many others. You would not believe how much you have to have to buy into one of those. In some cases, a million dollar net worth was required before even qualifying to purchase their franchise. According to Clark Howard, the average small business costs around $140,000.

To own a quality business, you must invest in all the little things that make it run and run well.

One of the things that is exciting about network marketing, when you think of it purely from a business perspective, is how little you are investing to be a part of a multi-million dollar company. With a nominal sign-up fee of $29-$99 you usually get access to the following:

  • Research & Development
  • Corporate Staff
  • Website/online shopping
  • Warehousing/manufacturing
  • money back guarantees
  • Reasonably priced marketing materials
  • toll free lines and operators
  • packing and shipping personnel
  • sales training (much of it free)
  • payroll dept.
  • life insurance in some cases
  • Willable paychecks (always look for this benefit)
  • Direct deposit
  • The right to sell your business (always look for this benefit too)
  • Incentive trips
  • Car bonuses

Network Marketing vs. Real Estate

The beauty of a home-based business in network marketing is that it can generate an income stream to fund more real estate investments and grow your financial portfolio.

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