Is Marketing Unspiritual?

I was recently at an event with remarkably talented and heart-centered entrepreneurs discussing marketing.

One of the words someone used to describe marketing was “unspiritual.”

I countered with “spiritual.”

I truly believe it is spiritual. And the truth is, whether or not you choose to consciously “market” yourself, everything about you sends your marketing message to others. You are your own PR agent. How you dress, speak, treat others, what you communicate is important to you, and on and on. Every interaction, others are forming an impression of you.

Marketing is connecting. Marketing is initiating relationship. Marketing is serving. Marketing is deeply understanding the needs of another and using resources to capture their attention to let them know you can help. Marketing is creative. Marketing requires thinking outside the box to stand out from all the noise in the marketplace. Marketing requires one understand the human psyche and drive, which opens one up to a world of understanding self and others better.

Some of my best ideas for marketing have come from an invitation for the Creator to guide my marketing efforts. I see it as co-creation.

Marketing online is being a steward of one of the most accessible resources available to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

That is how I see television as well–as a platform. But, I grew into this view. Initially, when my media coach first approached me and told me that I would be “perfect for television,” I remember being suspicious of his compliment and my immediate thought was, “but isn’t that just a pretentious aspiration?”

Since then, my message to make a difference for others is more important to me than anyone’s judgment of what platform I may use (television included).

I love this from Ariana Hall.

“When you truly care, Marketing is a beautiful vehicle for that care. Don’t get stuck on that word.

If you want to make the world a better place before you leave this Earth, you had better let people know you’re here and that you have goodness to share… for most creatives, the issue is that they DON’T share the beauty that lives in their soul as much as they could. And that experience is one of deep loss for all involved (especially for the creative person, softly imploding).

Hurry forward with your words, your gifts, your visions of what could be, your goodness – AND LIFT US ALL.”

Here’s what I notice… the people who should be out there more because their gift and their pure heart is needed in the world, are precisely the ones who are holding back the most.

The world needs you to shine as a light.

If you don’t like the way you see marketing being done, join me in DOING IT DIFFERENTLY.

I am currently enrolling another group of entrepreneurs into my PROFIT WITH HONOR Prospecting Mastery System.

This is a system designed for those who are committed to:

  • Honoring themselves (in other words, not selling out their souls for the mighty dollar),
  • Honoring Others (discover how to attract an endless stream of prospects without being salesy or pushy
  • Honoring the Process (this includes inviting pursuit rather than pursuing, why micro-commitments is critical to the process, and the Art of the Classy Close.

If this interests you, sign up for a breakthrough sessionwhere we can determine if this program is the right fit for your needs.

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