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I’ve been sharing with you the top mistakes I see service providers making when trying to sell their programs and services.

Today, we are covering Mistake #2: Focusing on a lower priced offer.

Almost every coach, consultant, or service provider I speak with talks to me about the lower priced program they are going to launch to serve the people who cannot afford their high priced offers.

That is a mistake.

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In my last two posts, I wrote about the top 2 mistakes I see coaches, consultants and service providers make when trying to sell more of their programs or services online.

In this post, I want to address two of the top myths I hear: 

Myth #1: It is easier to sell low-end than it is to sell high-end.

It’s not.

If you are focusing on low-end,

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While I was in Tulsa someone put me on the phone with a prospect who was very skeptical about the science of one of our nutrition products. This comes with the territory when you are involved with any health and wellness company. Most network marketers will respond by bombarding their prospect with facts, claims, features, etc. Try this instead…

This prospect was very resistant at first, but shortly after getting off the call they called me back and said,

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It depends on where you are in the life cycle of your own business.

You will find it very difficult to build two businesses which are at the ground level and trying to get them to a state of momentum. You are better off building a business and getting it to a place of maturity, it’s now on autopilot. You’ve build the infrastructure so it’s now on cruise control. Now you can focus on building another business effectively.

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Let me tell you this about the industry… most products in this industry are pretty good if the company is going to survive and remain competitive in this space. Companies know they have to have something relatively special. But it takes more.

Many companies have a “Me too” product. Meaning: “Yeah, I’ve got that too, but this is how mine’s different.” It’s an exhausting game if you’re trying to distinguish what benefits or features about your product make it different from everybody else that might have a similar product.

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