How to Handle Objections

While I was in Tulsa someone put me on the phone with a prospect who was very skeptical about the science of one of our nutrition products. This comes with the territory when you are involved with any health and wellness company. Most network marketers will respond by bombarding their prospect with facts, claims, features, etc. Try this instead…

This prospect was very resistant at first, but shortly after getting off the call they called me back and said,

“We have no idea what you said, but she wants to go ahead and sign up!

She said, ‘I like that lady. You can tell she really cares about people.'”

Now, if only all the calls went like that, but I did want to share some tidbits of that conversation (details have been changed to protect their identity) to help you as you are faced with objections. Some of the things I want to share are applicable no matter the objection:

  • I’m concerned if the science is safe
  • I think it is too expensive
  • I’m not a salesperson
  • I don’t have any time
  • I don’t know a lot of people etc, etc.

I’m no trained salesperson, I make lots of mistakes, but I try to listen to objections with my heart.

First, a proper mindset: Detached from the outcome

First of all, I want to share the mindset and heart I try to have when I talk to someone about our business. Let’s say the prospect’s name is Hannah. Here’s what I’m thinking going into the call…

“I believe that [my company] could be a blessing in Hannah’s life, whether it is the products, or especially if she is looking for a place where her efforts to earn an income. She needs to have enough information to make an educated decision to determine if this is a good fit for her or not. It may or may not be. That is okay. I know that if she says ‘no’, there are a lot of other Hannah’s out there praying for this. I’ll keep sharing these products and this opportunity until I find the ones who are ready to align with us. Meanwhile, I want to help Hannah get the information she needs to make the right decision for her.”

Okay, so that is starters.

Secondly, where is the prospect in the cycle and having a heart to listen

I learn that Hannah is currently working another company, a direct sales business. Her husband has a degree in Chemistry and she has a degree in Biology. I also know that she has already done a previous 3-way call with an upline team member but is still concerned. So, what this tells me is that she already has some good exposure to the information about [my company], but this concern seems to really be holding her back. My main objective of the call is to LISTEN and learn more about her concern. I want to find out if that is the real concern or if there is something else that is holding her back and she is hiding behind that objection. Also, I know that if that is her primary concern that I will not “convince” her by trying to answer all her questions.

A recap of the call:

After she shares her concern to me, I REPHRASE back to her what I hear her saying.

“So, what I hear you saying, Hannah, is that you are concerned about understanding the science of [x] product. You don’t want to introduce your friends and loved ones to something that could be potentially harmful to them. That is an awesome heart you have toward others. I can tell too, that you are someone who likes to do your homework, and your friends know that about you. They know that if Hannah endorses something it must be good, because she doesn’t just jump into things. I honor you in that, Hannah.”

“So, let me ask you this… if you could get the answers to the outstanding questions you have about the science, is there anything else that might be holding you back from getting involved?” (Trying to dig deeper to find other objections and find out her receptivity too.)

She answers, that no, she sees the potential and how many people would be interested in this type of product if it worked. (This tells me that this is where she has sold herself. I know I can come back to this later, because she already believes this part.)

“Can I ask you something else? The current business that you are working, is that primarily because you enjoy it and you are doing it for fun, or are there financial goals that you have with that business?”

She goes on to tell me that it is for financial reasons and when all her kids are in school in another year that she knows that she wants to kick it in more.

“So, it sounds like if you could feel comfortable about the science, that you are open.”

She answers, yes.

So now I know that she is gearing herself up to be “sold.” But, my objective is to keep connection with her heart, not “sell” her.

“Hannah, I will tell you this… I’m no scientist, and for certain I don’t have the background that you and your husband have in chemistry and biology. But, I do know there is no shortage of information available about these products. I’m certain you will understand it a lot better than I do. All I know is that others who do understand it all, like some nurses anesthetists that we have on the team, they tell me, ‘I get it! This is amazing that no one has ever done this before. ” What I can do is give you some websites where you can dig into it deeper. But there is one place where I would suggest you listen first. From there, you will know if you still have red flags or if you want to spend some more time digging. It is a call where you will get answers to some frequently asked questions about the science of [x] product. If you have something to write with, I’ll give you the link to the recorded call.

Share genuinely what helped you if you could relate to her concern… (Feel, felt, found)

“I understand how you feel.  I felt the same way.  Personally, I will tell you a few things that helped me feel more comfortable about the science….”

“That precious little one of yours will be in kindergarten in a year. I encourage you that this opportunity is real. My husband and I have been doing network marketing full time to be home with our little ones for 5 years now.  I know you would be successful if you wanted to go after this, and I would love to work with you.”

After this call she signed up immediately, without having to even listen to the ‘science’ recording.

There you go!  Try these techniques of listening with your heart next time you are faced with an objection and let me know how it goes!

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