Myth: It is easier to sell low-end

In my last two posts, I wrote about the top 2 mistakes I see coaches, consultants and service providers make when trying to sell more of their programs or services online.

In this post, I want to address two of the top myths I hear: 

Myth #1: It is easier to sell low-end than it is to sell high-end.

It’s not.

If you are focusing on low-end, you will attract a different audience with a different mindset and it is just as difficult for them to spend $300 as it is for your ideal clients to spend $10,000.

Secondly, the demands on customer service are substantially higher. That means you will need to amp up your client support. More low end clients is generally more demanding and more refunds. It’s just a different mindset.

Myth #2: I can help more people if I sell more “affordable” options.

I teach my clients that if you want to help the people who cannot afford to work with you, then give them access to your program materials, without coaching, for a lower fee.

That is no extra work for you.

And if you are selling it as a downsell to your core offer, you have a greater chance of them upgrading because they know your full offer.

And you will sell more of your high-end offer because that is the core focus of your marketing.

Because, the truth is… no one needs more information. They need help implementing. And that is the value of your high-end offer.


I too initially came with my bleeding heart as a new coach and told my coach, “But can’t I help more people if I focus on the masses?”

He told me, “Vanessa, focus on the leaders. They will affect more people. And in turn, your work will touch more lives.”

So, that is what I focus on… having my paid work focus on helping the industry leaders.

Truth is, I hit $500k+/year with less than 120 clients.

I let my free content and marketing help the people who cannot afford my higher level work. And my philosophy is to give away high-quality free content that is the kind of stuff other people charge for. Tell me the truth, do you struggle believing any of the above myths? If so, comment below and let me know how that’s going for you.

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