Can I Build Two Companies at One Time?

It depends on where you are in the life cycle of your own business.

You will find it very difficult to build two businesses which are at the ground level and trying to get them to a state of momentum. You are better off building a business and getting it to a place of maturity, it’s now on autopilot. You’ve build the infrastructure so it’s now on cruise control. Now you can focus on building another business effectively.

One key thing is to check with policies and procedures of your company and be sure they allow that. In my opinion, if a company says, “you can build this, but you can’t build anything else,” DO NOT sign up for this. You want to look for a business that you can own and gives you flexibility.

Think about it. If you have an infrastructure of people and you are cross-line recruiting, that’s dishonoring the company you are a part of. However, if you can build one business and then talk to a completely different market about another business, then yes.

Look for a company that allows you to do that. (Just a little hint.)

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