Does It Matter Which Product I Represent?

Let me tell you this about the industry… most products in this industry are pretty good if the company is going to survive and remain competitive in this space. Companies know they have to have something relatively special. But it takes more.

Many companies have a “Me too” product. Meaning: “Yeah, I’ve got that too, but this is how mine’s different.” It’s an exhausting game if you’re trying to distinguish what benefits or features about your product make it different from everybody else that might have a similar product.

It’s so much better to align yourself with a company that has something exclusive, uniqueor proprietary that no one else has. I’m not just talking about a formulation that’s a little bit different, but a company that is truly leading the marketplace with something that is different than anybody else. Now, that’s a great line up for a company!

The other thing you want to look in to is: Is there substantial science? I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal testimonials for some products, but not a lot of science. In some of those cases, results can be more of a placebo effect.

If you can find a company that has both strong science AND lots of strong anecdotal testimonials…..YOU are GOLDEN!

Let me give you an insider’s secret: Having an amazing product in this industry is NOT enough. It is not enough! It’s not just about the product. It is the leadership, it’s the marketing, and it’s about a simple system and a great compensation plan.

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