The Game-Changing Strategy of Paying Yourself $20K Per Month

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to pay yourself $20,000 each month from your coaching business. For many entrepreneurs, this isn’t just a milestone—it’s a transformative achievement that shifts both lifestyle and business operations. Yet, the reality for most small business owners I encounter is a relentless cycle of reinvestment that leaves little for personal compensation.

Based on extensive surveys with coaches and consultants, I’ve found that adding an extra $5,000 to $20,000 to their personal income could significantly improve their quality of life and business stability. Does this resonate with you? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Here’s how you can start transforming your business model to not only achieve, but also sustain, a higher personal income:

1. Focus on a Single, Streamlined Offer

Every offer you make demands a unique marketing strategy. However, if your offers are constructed within an ascension model—a structured way to gradually advance clients through increasing value—you can streamline your marketing and focus on delivering exceptional value at each level. This focus helps in creating a clear pathway for clients and reduces the complexity of managing multiple, diverse marketing strategies.

2. Target High-End Clients

While low-end offers might seem appealing due to easier entry points, they require a massive volume to make a significant impact financially unless you have a substantial following or list (think 10,000+ contacts). On the other hand, high-end offers, though fewer in number, can dramatically increase your revenue without needing a large customer base. This strategy not only boosts your earnings but also allows you to offer more personalized, intensive support, enhancing client satisfaction and results.

3. Leverage Your Service Delivery

One of the simplest ways to add an extra $20K monthly is through one-on-one client engagements. However, to sustain this every month, consider scaling your services through group programs, courses, or workshops. This not only increases your income potential but also maximizes your time efficiency by serving multiple clients simultaneously.

4. Implement Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops have proven to be highly effective in my practice for creating immediate, tangible benefits for clients. These sessions not only serve as a great introduction to what you can offer but also have a high conversion rate for upselling clients into higher-end packages. Remarkably, I’ve seen 30% to 94% of workshop participants choose to continue working with me at a more engaged and premium level.

Transitioning to a business model that allows you to comfortably pay yourself a substantial salary involves strategic changes and a mindset shift towards valuing your own time and services as much as you value the growth of your business. By focusing on high-value offers and leveraging scalable service models, you can significantly increase your personal earnings and experience the game-changing impact of true financial autonomy.

Are you ready to explore these strategies in depth and start your journey towards high-income months? Let’s make that change happen together!

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