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A resounding, YES! Absolutely it matters!

It matters IF you care what kind of return you want to get on your time, energy and effort.

It matters IF you’re going to do this for more than just a hobby.

If you are really in this as a business to earn a substantial income, not all opportunities are created equal.

There are a couple of really KEY things you want to look at when looking at a potential company:

  1. Where are they in the time cycle of building their business?

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Let me tell you, there are pyramids that exist. The distinction between a legitimate opportunity and a pyramid is the fact that: there must be a legitimate product or service that is being sold.

If you’re looking at an opportunity in which you invest some money, then that money is going to be paid to somebody else or if you need to bring in X number of people in order to get a check cut to you and there are no real legitimate products that people are buying….BEWARE.

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Let me tell you this about the industry… most products in this industry are pretty good if the company is going to survive and remain competitive in this space. Companies know they have to have something relatively special. But it takes more.

Many companies have a “Me too” product. Meaning: “Yeah, I’ve got that too, but this is how mine’s different.” It’s an exhausting game if you’re trying to distinguish what benefits or features about your product make it different from everybody else that might have a similar product.

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There are critical components you need to look at:

  • Ownership
  • Leadership
  • Compensation Plan
  • Product
  • Most importantly: System ….What system is in place with your prospective company that ensures the most success for the most people. Is it simple to duplicate? Or even better, viral in nature, giving it an inherent nature which people can’t help but share. This creates a better chance for more people to be successful in it.

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The Profit with Honor Sales System is a proven method of increasing sales revenues based on the principles of the Profit with Honor philosphy:

  • come from a place of service
  • honoring your values
  • operate from heart-centered principles

Watch your clients and business partners flock to you!

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  • Create and Communicate your Value to the marketplace.
  • Build a profitable business around your talent, gifts or experienceso that your work feels effortless and enjoyable.
  • Gain expert status and marketplace visibility toearn a substantial income within 90 days of starting your business.
  • Make more while working less, so you can spend your time doing what you really want… like enjoying the outdoors, traveling, or kissing the faces of your babies.

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