Does it Really Matter What Company I Join?

A resounding, YES! Absolutely it matters!

It matters IF you care what kind of return you want to get on your time, energy and effort.

It matters IF you’re going to do this for more than just a hobby.

If you are really in this as a business to earn a substantial income, not all opportunities are created equal.

There are a couple of really KEY things you want to look at when looking at a potential company:

  1. Where are they in the time cycle of building their business? … Are they in infancy as a start-up company? There are some substantial reasons why people might want to get into a start-up company; tremendous upside potential. However, the downside is a lot of companies that are in the start-up mode never make it. They won’t be around in 5 years. You want to be able to distinguish those.
  2. Are they in momentum or are they already in a maturity state? If you find a company that is already in the maturity state, most of their growth is now happening in international markets. Guarantee it!

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