Is It Legit? or Is this a Pyramid?

Let me tell you, there are pyramids that exist. The distinction between a legitimate opportunity and a pyramid is the fact that: there must be a legitimate product or service that is being sold.

If you’re looking at an opportunity in which you invest some money, then that money is going to be paid to somebody else or if you need to bring in X number of people in order to get a check cut to you and there are no real legitimate products that people are buying….BEWARE. If there are services that don’t really have legitimacy to them…BEWARE. You might be getting sold an opportunity that is a pyramid scheme.

Now, a true opportunity in network marketing is absolutely legitimate. It is truly just a distribution method.

More and more companies are realizing the most powerful method for distribution is word of mouth. The company can pay for its product to be shipped AFTER the item has already been purchased. THIS is why so many companies are so attracted to the setup of network marketing. Instead of paying on the front end for marketing, companies using network marketing let the sales be made by its reps and pay commissions on the back end, AFTER the sales have already been made.

Let me introduce you to a couple of books and their authors (who happen to be well-respected business people) that were absolutely radical in introducing me to this industry as a legitimate opportunity.

  • Warren Buffet . He owns a couple of network marketing direct sales companies. He has said, “dollar for dollar,” best investment he ever made.
  • Robert G. Allen . Author of Multiple Streams of Income. He has a whole chapter on network marketing.
  • Brilliant CompensationBrilliant Compensation videowalks through what makes it a distinctive opportunity, industry and business model compared to others.
  • Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. They wrote a book called Why We Want You To Be Rich. There’s an entire chapter in there on network marketing.
  • These are just a starting point on the resources out there speaking to the legitimacy of network marketing.

So, …..Is network marketing legitimate??……ABSOLUTELY! But there are schemes out there, and I just gave you some pointers on how to avoid them.

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