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In the world of sales, there’s one objection that every high-end coach encounters: “I need to think about it.” But what if I told you that this seemingly insurmountable obstacle could actually be the key to closing the deal?

Today, I’m excited to share with you a #ClassyClose tip that has revolutionized the way I approach this common sales dilemma. Let’s dive in!

Q: Vanessa, what do you recommend when someone says they “need to think about it”?

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Is it possible to work part-time but make full-time income?

Is it possible to have the freedom and flexibility to do as you choose?

Yes, through the right home-based business opportunity!

A home business offers the following:

  1. No Boss– the freedom to do as you choose without reporting to someone else.
  2. No income ceiling–Delete that resume. You will never need it again. Finally earn what you are worth!

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Network marketing is one of the few businesses that doesn’t require employees, yet enables the owner to leverage his or her time by building a network of independent business people. This network, which purchases and sells products or services, generates a residual income for the owner. Unlike the income earned at a job, which stops when the work stops, residual income continues long after the work is completed.

“I’d rather have 1% the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own.” – JP Getty,

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We do it every day and we don’t even realize it. We click “like” on Facebook, we insert a link to something we like, we tell someone about a movie or restaurant that we like. The power of a referral is huge and it is the NUMBER ONE source for new customers. Even when we owned our franchise, we spent thousands of dollars on advertising, corporate spent millions on television advertising, yet our strongest source of new members were “Buddy Referrals”… a friend told them about our gym.

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The Age of the Entrepreneur


“Our economy is in the middle of its greatest growth period in history. If you find that hard to believe, it’s because you’re responding to the very real growing pains that are the result of this growth. Growing pains like: Unemployment, Rapidly changing technology that makes employees obsolete and “machines taking jobs, evidence of growth!”




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While I was in Tulsa someone put me on the phone with a prospect who was very skeptical about the science of one of our nutrition products. This comes with the territory when you are involved with any health and wellness company. Most network marketers will respond by bombarding their prospect with facts, claims, features, etc. Try this instead…

This prospect was very resistant at first, but shortly after getting off the call they called me back and said,

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Beware the temptation to believe that those who are successful somehow possess an advantage you feel you can’t get: perhaps more talent, brains, support, contacts, money, or time.

Success in network marketing takes the courage to relentlessly pursue what you believe is possible, the audacity to believe it is possible for you, and the emotional fortitude to stick with it.

This Business is about Others

I’ve learned that this business is about others.

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One of the questions I get most often is…

QUESTION: Can I build a substantial network marketing business without losing my friends?

ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY! ….but it depends on the way in which you build your business.

Often times, people in this kind of business will teach you to just go out and spew your new passion and excitement for the new business you are a part of.

You know what?

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It depends on where you are in the life cycle of your own business.

You will find it very difficult to build two businesses which are at the ground level and trying to get them to a state of momentum. You are better off building a business and getting it to a place of maturity, it’s now on autopilot. You’ve build the infrastructure so it’s now on cruise control. Now you can focus on building another business effectively.

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Well,…good news and bad news.

The bad news is…you do need to have some friends, know SOME people.

The good news is….it doesn’t take a lot of really good people to have something really substantial here.

If you don’t know a lot of people, get out there.! Get to job fairs, trade shows. You can market your business on the internet or through ads. People in this economy are looking for ways to build a residual income.

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