What to Look For In An Opportunity

Once you have determined what you want, it is time to look for the best opportunity with which your efforts will soar.

Very little has been written on how to distinguish a great business opportunity from a fair one. Rather than taking a step forward “hoping it will work out,” arm yourself with the information you need to make a wise decision and have the confidence you need to succeed. Why leave your odds of success to chance? Prepared with a few tools, you will be better able to distinguish the best opportunity for you.

When evaluating a network marketing company, it is critical to get a clear picture of the opportunity. Ultimately, you are trying to determine if this opportunity help you accomplish the personal goals you have for your household? Therefore, it is critical that you have defined these goals.

For instance, here is the range of what your goals could be: •Do we believe we have the potential to ‘hit it out of the ballpark’ to set ourselves and our family up for financial security/abundance by working it consistently and hard for 2-5 years? •Or, your goal may be to bring in an additional $300 to help eliminate some of the financial burden.

The key elements to review when analyzing an opportunity include:

  • Who
  • Company
  • Product Uniqueness & Marketability
  • Timing
  • Compensation

I will have several articles dedicated to showing you what to look for in each of those.

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