No Two People Have Ever Met


That’s right. You heard me right. I don’t know the true originator of that concept, but when I adopted it with curiosity I experienced a transformation in myself and in my relationships.

I HAVE NEVER MET MYSELF. I discover new things about myself all the time, things change inside me in an instant when I have an insight or paradigm shift, and I can choose to reinvent myself in any given moment. So, I am in an unending discovery process with myself first, how can I assume I know anyone else?

I HAVE NEVER MET YOU. If I open my heart to the person I love (or the person in front of me), I have an open, curious mind that desires to understand them and see them without holding them to their history. I get to experience who they are in this moment by listening and tuning in intently to hear what it is like inside their world in THIS moment. If I listen with an openness that says, “I’ve never met all of you. I want to know you, I want to get you. I want to savor who you are,” then I experience enriched wonder and delight with this person. I experience, I hear, I see things I never noticed before. I feel more deeply connected to them. It creates a sacred space in the relationship where they are not held to some view or interpretation that I may have of them. They are free to show up any way they choose and usually they are more authentically themselves if they feel the safety and freedom to be themselves if I am showing up with wonder and delight no matter how they show up.

THE MEASURE OF KNOWING. This is a measure for how much more there is to know and love about someone else and the room for curiosity I can still have… God has so much delight and love for us that He says he knows the number of hairs on our head. Wow. the fact that He cares! I can honestly say that as much as I love those closest to me, I have never loved them enough to say that it mattered to me how many hairs they had, nor did i care enough to take the time to count them! (My husband made this easy for me. I can say I do know the numbers of hairs on his head. ;-)) How much more is there to learn about the intricacies of their heart? A lot more.

So today, as you express your love to someone (even if you don’t have a “Valentine” per se, express it to someone you love or care about today), do so in a way that has such curiosity and delight in experiencing who they show up to be when there is no story attached.

I love you, and have so much curiosity about you, excluding hair count. 😉

May you know love for yourself, and for those around you.

May you know the author of Love.

Happy Valentines Day!


Loving you, ~ V

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