I Love Entrepreneurship

I LOVE business, and specifically entrepreneurship.

I see entrepreneurship as:

A canvas on which to create a work of art… a medium for creative expression.

A platform for impacting lives and serving powerfully.

A direct and clear metric of feedback on how well you are serving measured in dollars.

A playground in which to play.

An opportunity to stretch beyond your comfort zone, grow and learn.

As engaging both the left and the right sides of the brain.

An arena for sharing your gifts and passions.

A microphone through which to speak your unique voice.

A place where there are no glass ceilings.

A party at which you get to interact with people… oh, the magnificence and variety of people, and to love them, whether they are your business partners, your clients, your peers.

Endless opportunities to create win/win/win.

An adventure, with maps if you want them from others who have led the way and discovered sound principles, as well as wide open spaces where you can blaze your own trails.

If you too are called to create in this space called entrepreneurship… please share what you love about it.


Loving you, ~V

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