Agreements vs. Unspoken Expectations in Relationships

Want to create what feels like AN IRON-CLAD STRENGTH OF CONNECTION in a relationship? Eliminate unspoken expections and instead make agreements.

What beautiful, meaningful, sacred connection can be created in our relationships and friendships.

  • Agreeing to each take personal responsibility to speak what is necessary to feel “whole” in the relationship.
  • Agreeing, as the listener, to not hold it against the speaker as they are sharing openly, but instead create a safe place to be heard without judgment or accounting of hurts.
  • Agreeing to eliminate the unproductive, ineffective expectation of mind-reading.
  • Agreeing to be willing to listen for understanding no matter how many conversations it takes to feel “complete.”
  • Acknowledging that we know we have some of our own “stuff” (skewed perceptions, wounds, areas for growth, etc.) that can be skewing interpretation therefore we agree to keep an open space for Truth to be revealed and understood.
From these types of commitments we transform painful perceptions in a loving space of growth.The friendships where we have intentionally vocalized these type of commitments to each other have been such a tremendous a gift to me. I always feel so much closer, even when there were conversations that weren’t the most comfortable to go through at the time. Growing together and communicating our thoughts openly truly did create an iron-clad feeling of connection.
What types of communication has been most helpful in your strongest relationships? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear.
Loving you, V

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