I help PURPOSE-DRIVEN entrepreneurs like you to STAND OUT in the noisy marketplace & to be wildly PROFITABLE so you can make an even BIGGER difference with your gifts.

With proven step-by-step sales & marketing systems, I can help you:

Create an additional 6 to 7-figure income stream from your expertise.

  • Identify your unique MESSAGE and communicate it clearly and powerfully.
  • Build a PLATFORM to share your message & story by leveraging the power of online marketing, the media, stage speaking, & video.
  • Create a world-class personal BRAND that will make you a sought-after Thought Leader in your industry so your impact is even further reaching.
  • PACKAGE your brilliance into a Signature Program or best-selling book for which you become known.
  • Implement a streamlined MARKETING system that will consistently attract your ideal prospects pursuing YOU.
  • SELL premium packages with confidence & ease.

Ready to create the impact and income you truly desire? If so, I invite you to connect.

Twelve years ago, while I was expecting my first son, I stepped out of my comfort zone to become an entrepreneur so I could earn money while having time freedom for my growing family. Little did I know, it would become the journey of a lifetime & a platform for making such a big difference in the lives of others.

We discovered & created sales & marketing systems that helped us quickly create million dollar businesses, & have since taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs these systems so they can be paid handsomely to do work they love & become top influencers in their field.

My specialty is working with purpose-driven professionals in direct sales, network marketing, coaching & consulting. The kind of people we attract are driven by a desire to help others. By helping you make more money, we help your work reach more people. I'd love to support you in a complimentary session to map out your next 6-figure income stream.


“Vanessa has a gift to very quickly identify your passion & message & how to apply it to your business for measurable results.”

-Jeff Carlisle, CEO


“Vanessa helped me tap into my purpose and within a week my team members did a 180 to be enthusiastically engaged in their business & advanced rank!”

– Ingrid Bloom
Arbonne International


to turn my story & the pain I’ve experience in my life into the very purpose for WHY I do what I do. Working with Vanessa changed the entire way I look at my business & the way I reach out to prospects. They now respond in a positive manner to my business.”

– Giselle Crouch
Parent/Child Connection Coach

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Conference Calls
  • Retreats

  • Your Purpose: The Secret to Selling with Ease
  • How to Create a Captivating Personal Brand & Presence & Become a Highly Sought-After Thought Leader in Your Field
  • Profit with Honor: How to Get to the Top in Your Industry Without Burning Out, Selling Out, or Losing Out
  • How to Create Multiple 6-Figure Income Streams from Your Expertise


“I’ll Have What She’s Having!” shows you how to believe & embody “I am enough.” When you discover the depth of that truth, you begin to create at extraordinary new levels. The very person you want to be is already inside of you… ready to be fully expressed, if you would only give yourself permission to come out & play uninhibited. When you do, others can’t help but say, “I’ll have what you’re having!”

“Profit With Honor” reveals how to become a top producer in the direct sales industry. It contains a step-by-step system to create an endless supply of leads, to prospect and close with class, & to build a business that is not only wildly profitable but also sustainable. Based on Vanessa’s experience of building multi-million dollar direct sales organizations in record time.

  • Leadership
  • Personal Branding & Authentic Marketing
  • Influence, Sales & The Art of Enrollment
  • Sales & Prospecting with Honor
  • Creating Elegant Success as an Entrepreneur