“I truly have a sense of purpose now and feel fulfilled.”

Before I started working with Vanessa, I was not clear exactly where my life was headed. I had a lot of things I wanted to do but wasn’t sure where to begin. I was going through the motions of life feeling empty. When I lost my job, I knew it was time to take my life back, however I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do.

Since working with Vanessa that has all changed. I truly have a sense of purpose now and feel fulfilled. I am not longer wandering around the world feeling lost and useless! I am confident about sharing my opportunity and have a concrete message to share!

I have launched my brand, new people keep coming to me from out of the blue, I am able to talk about my business and the monetary investment with confidence and every month my volume has been growing!!! I have personally learned how to say no to things without feeling bad.

Vanessa is a well of overflowing love. Expect to get the utmost love and attention to you and your challenges. It may not be what you are used to, but it is something that your soul needs.

~ Giselle Crouch

“One sharp thinker. Rearranged my perceptions, expanded my scope of thinking…”

“Vanessa is beautiful but don’t let that distract you. She’s also one sharp thinker.

Within our first 15 minutes together over the phone she rearranged my perceptions about business, expanded the scope of my thinking, provided connections and offered numerous practical tips related to coaching others toward their dreams.

I look forward to continuing to benefit from her wisdom and insights in leadership and influence.”

~ Jim Henderson

“I finally have a step-by-step system!”

Before I worked with you, I struggled meeting new prospects and how to motivate a team. It was transformational to learn a step-by-step system for prospecting rather than going in circles, and to learn how to build my business staying true to myself and honoring myself. I have found strength I never knew I had!

You are amazing, professional, and KNOW this industry! You come from a place of love, and I always felt she really cared, rather than just being generic and cold. You really are an amazing coach, leader and human and I have all the love and respect for you!

~Ingrid Bloom

“Vision, clarity, professionalism. A unique ability to see…”

“As Vanessa entered into the coaching arena I was thrilled to be one of her clients. It is awesome for a high performing man to be inspired and coached by a woman with tremendous vision, clarity and professionalism.

I was open to her coaching because I knew she had walked the walk and paid the price in the business world. She is savvy, smart, confident, and has a unique ability to see through the sometimes easy to rationalize moments of life that we all have. Her ability to cut through defenses and open you up to yourself is beyond enlightening.

Spending time with her will not be a forgotten moment in anyone’s life, professionally or personally.”

~ Bill Anderson

“Because it is month end, all week I have been crazy excited and happy about working my business. But sometimes that fire would turn into desperation and hunger to get my numbers up there! I would do things that were not me! I do not want to pounce on people to reach my month end goals. At the end of the day I did not enjoy that feeling, which brought me to the conclusion that I was definitely NOT honoring myself, as you have taught us to do!That was when I decided to listen to one of your trainings and then it ALL changed, Vanessa! I WILL NOT put myself in that position anymore. You’ve helped me see, that as long as I’m doing the work and doing it the right way–honoring myself and honoring the prospect–I can walk with confidence that things will work out!

After I made that decision, last night, one of my downline tells me they are trying to get this girl in, she wants in but she wants in with the bare minimum order + a deal. Not gonna happen.

I offered to call and introduce myself. Because of our conversation she signed ON FULL FORCE!! The whole deal! $2,000 investment. I used Vanessa Horn power on her!!!

My 3 down lines were freaking out! I have to admit I did feel powerful LOL!

Now as a result of that she went into qualification for District, and 3 others in her team went into immediate Qualification. And I’m Area Manager!

Vanessa! YOU have given me the greatest gift of ALL! Honor and Grace for this business!

YOU are serving us, and I will serve others and not at the expense of my family and friends. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

~ Joanna Di Venosa

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Vanessa in a one on one training session. It was empowering! That is not something I say lightly. That was the exact word that came to mind after our time together.I am a brand partner with Nerium International and they have what I consider to be excellent training on how to grow your business. I came into this business model with very little knowledge of what to do to grow a business and, to be honest, a lack of confidence that I could do it.

Vanessa helped me take what Nerium had taught me and made it more individualized for me. I had learned to share the product, but was really lacking know how on what to say to share the business opportunity. We talked about what I did as a residential mortgage underwriter, which was helping people gain home ownership while following guidelines that were set up by investors. How does this relate to my business?

I have really grown on a personal level through this type of business model and the coaching I have experienced. I am more confident than I ever was in the past.

A friend in Nerium was the one who told me about Vanessa and her coaching. I am so glad that she did!

~ Vickie Troutt

“I didn’t realize it until working with Vanessa that I was chasing goals that weren’t even in alignment with my deepest values.She helped me clarify that the very thing that I wanted, which was strong relationships within my family, was the very thing I kept sacrificing. She helped me get my life and goals into alignment. My children, my husband, were what drove me to pursue my goals in the first place.With her urging, I finally stopped long enough to be quiet and ask myselfwhat is most important to me. I finally had the permission to do what I needed and really wanted rather than allowing my life to run on autopilot. It helped me to stand on my own rather than being worried what anyone else thought (including my downline or upline).

Since working with Vanessa, I feel more free and fulfilled than I’ve ever felt. I am feeling empowered in my choices. I am no longer just working with my head down toward a promise or an idea only to reach a point of success and realize I was pursuing a title or position because someone else said it was important. I now know how to balance my life and how to have success that is in alignment to what is most important to me.”

~ Mary Beth Lozano

“Thank you for your amazing leadership! Your holistic approach to developing the best leader in me is highly appreciated. Words cannot do justice to how I feel about you! Blessed to be on this journey with you as we both lock arms with people who long to be set free from this modern day culture “rat race” – I am thankful to say that by choosing to put my God first, my husband
above my kids, working diligently and with “purpose” – like you I am on my way to an income I had in the past only dreamed of! I give what I have and I do what I do as if I were doing it unto Him!! Love you girlie and am excited for what is to come!”

~ Lily C. mother of 7 girls, Former Paralegal

“Magically gets right to the core issues…”

“I am amazed and enriched by Vanessa’s rare combination of talents. Whether the issue be related to relationship conflicts, internal confusion and insecurity issues, work/life balance struggles, or business growth challenges, she magically gets right to the core issues with deep understanding.

With the skill of a top surgeon, Vanessa delicately removes the poison and provides practical steps to embrace new confidence, purpose, and huge results!

I have sought her wisdom and powerful perspective in the past and will continue doing so in the future.”

~ Tim Redmond

It’s been life changing working with you!

Before working with you, my biggest challenge was getting in the right place and focusing on what I needed to do to build my business.

Working with you helped me to believe in myself, recognize my value, and see my successes and all that I have to offer others. I now can see how my story and experiences are all a part how God is using me to help set others free.

Wow! I think just feeling that you really cared and will be there if I really need help meant so much! You are an amazing caring special lady of strong faith. You clearly hear and understand and are able to discern what is going on and offer so much insight.

~ Simeon Pruski

“Vanessa has always been someone that I respected because of her impressive educational and professional background, and I realized that network marketing must be something great if she and Forrest decided to start their own home-based business. Vanessa, thank you for being a constant source of encouragement to me and for always seeing my potential.”

~ Jill, GA Former licensed social worker

“Because of two prior networking experiences, we had made a “family vow” to never pursue a home-based business opportunity again. I learned that Vanessa had resigned her corporate position after just 6 months of starting her own home-based business. Vanessa explained the simplicity and the ease of building a successful business while I worked my current job. Now I am on my way to all of my dreams coming true. Vanessa, thank you for your example and your spirit of excellence.”

~ Shandi, NC Former CPA and corporate recruiter

I agree with empowering women to step into their greatness & gifts!! In working with my coach Vanessa Horn she helped me come up with my message tag line for my mission in this business “you matter too”!! Woman often forget they matter! They to often put everyone else first!! My message is to empower women in our industry to realize “you matter too”! You are a shining example of what is right & good in this industry!! Thank you for your example!!

~Stephanie Menker

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wisdom. I’ve done my fair share of coaching and studying transformation, etc. and you have a unique look at life and business. You enrich my thinking and make me consider other ways of doing and thinking about things.I really appreciate seeing a woman who owns her femininity in business while also standing in a place of “lovely power,” as I like to call it, and a sense of openness to others’ thought and input. I rarely see female leaders – from any industry – who fully embrace being a woman in the sense of beauty and loveliness – it’s like so many are afraid that if they do, they won’t be taken seriously. The fact that you do is a breath of fresh air and an example that you can be a leader and still retain your femininity and beauty.

I love it and it has inspired me to own that which comes from an elegant way of being while also showing up even in how I (and other women) dress. It balances out the male side of me in a refreshing way – I even feel better and thus, can show up in the world in a new way!
Thank you again for your many contributions to me and I know to others.

~ Erin

Vanessa you inspire me to find my feminine and haute style again – to embody the beauty I feel on the inside — on the outside.

~ Alison

“Vanessa, I shared your story tonight at my leader meeting. You have inspired us all. Even though I am in a different network marketing company you have helped me by showing me specific ways to be more effective. I have heard some of it before many times, but when you say it, it’s like it finally hit me. I am not a money business person. I majored in Evangelism!!! I am learning all about this business and I am thankful to GOD for your influence, your inspiration and your willingness to help me!Thanks…I really feel like a breakthrough is coming.”

~ Renee H., mother of 3, networker

“A question Vanessa asked me kept coming back to my mind: “If nothing were to change in our lives, what would our lives be like in five years?” In the past, when confronted with an opportunity, I would often ask myself, “What if this fails?” and this question would stop me from pursuing new opportunities. I decided that maybe I should start asking, “What if this works?” Vanessa, thank you so much for believing in me!”

~ Sissel, VA Stay-at-home mother of 5

“Trust me . . . I’m a lawyer. Okay, trust me anyway. Trust me because I was the last person who would ever do “one of those businesses.”
Skepticism runs in my veins. Fortunately, I agreed to take a look and I have not looked back since. Vanessa, Thank you for being such a rock star and inspiring me to join this industry. I love your vision, strength and friendship.

~ Shannon, VA Attorney